The Final Movie – The Shining

Today is Halloween, and it’s also the birthday of the most important person in my life, or at least one of them, my beautiful sister. And she mentioned not that long ago that she loves The Shining, and will watch it anytime it is on TV. So today’s movies are in honor of her. TheContinue reading “The Final Movie – The Shining”

Movie – Halloween

Two days left of the month of October and movies are winding down. Today we review the movie, Halloween from 1978. Again I refer to the original, and beginning of a franchise that is now thirteen movies strong. The movie starts out on Halloween night 1963. We meet Judith Myers and her boyfriend. They makeContinue reading “Movie – Halloween”

Movie – Friday the 13th

Sometimes there are shows where the villain is one that you love (Darth Vader), sometimes there are villains you hate (Dolores Umbridge) and sometimes there are villains that you would love to hate but you can’t, for me that’s Jason. He has been my favorite movie villain for a long, long time. So today thisContinue reading “Movie – Friday the 13th”

Movie – A Nightmare on Elm Street

Wes Craven, the master of horror, introduced us to Fred Krueger in 1984. This was my gateway horror movie, and one that I do not regularly watch. Freddy was the star of a nasty nightmare as a child. However Freddy and the Elm Street movies have a large cult-like following. And with nine movies aroundContinue reading “Movie – A Nightmare on Elm Street”

Movie – Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Movies are released all the time, some are classics that are from an era of Hollywood not seen anymore. Others are award winning movies, that everyone talks about. And still others are ones that make you wish that this isn’t based on a true story. This is one of those movies. In 1974, we metContinue reading “Movie – Texas Chainsaw Massacre”

Movie – Jeepers Creepers

Released in 2001, Jeepers Creepers, introduced us to a new horror. One that wasn’t necessarily blood and gore, but one that played with our minds as much as instilling fear. This movie is worth watching, at least once, and it is the start of a four movie series. I’ll admit I have seen the secondContinue reading “Movie – Jeepers Creepers”

Movie – Poltergeist

“They’re here…” One of the most foreboding lines in any horror movie. Poltergeist is another movie I had seen when young and thankfully I don’t recall too much about how I felt about it. I do remember that I didn’t watch it multiple times, and that I did like the third movie in the seriesContinue reading “Movie – Poltergeist”

Movie – Child’s Play

We were introduced to Chucky in 1988, and we all became suspicious with the My Buddy Dolls that had been released in 1985. I never liked this movie, but it definitely has it’s following and a series of seven movies (so far). The movie starts with a serial killer who is close to capture, andContinue reading “Movie – Child’s Play”