Movie – Children of the Corn

We are talking about another Stephen King short story, Children of the Corn. This movie was released in 1984, and it is a rather scary the thought that an entire small town, can be controlled by a child. Child preacher, Isaac, arrives in Gatlin, NE. He convinces all of the children to murder anyone overContinue reading “Movie – Children of the Corn”

Movie – Psycho

Well before Freddie Highmore portrayed him, before Vince Vaughn attempted to revive the series, there was Anthony Perkins and probably the role that he is most famous for, Norman Bates. The movie Psycho, released in 1960 and was an Alfred Hitchcock movie. Hitchcock was infamous for making movies that were not always as they appeared,Continue reading “Movie – Psycho”

Movie – Saw

In 2004, a new horror was released. A new movie serial killer was introduced and his name is Jigsaw. With more twists and turns than a roller coaster, Saw provides: horror, thrills, human desperation, and psychological torture. NO SPOILERS: Saw revolves around two men, who wake up in a dilapidated bathroom, chained. They have severalContinue reading “Movie – Saw”

Movie – House on Haunted Hill

This movie was released in 1999, it is based on a movie of the same name released in 1959 starring Vincent Price. This version is also not suitable for younger children, as it does have some moments of fright. But it’s a great movie. Stephen Price (paying homage to Vincent Price in the original) andContinue reading “Movie – House on Haunted Hill”

Movie – Sleepy Hollow

Today’s movie selection starts with Sleepy Hollow. This is a story that has become legend. The headless horsemen and Ichabod Crane. The movie is one that is not suitable for younger kids, it is rated R. But most of us know the legend behind the tale of Sleepy Hollow, if not here is a briefContinue reading “Movie – Sleepy Hollow”

Movie – The Blair Witch Project

In 1999, a movie was released that was touted as the lost documentary about The Blair Witch. It was described as three students, who were out in the woods outside of Burkittsville, MD, trying to find the fabled Blair Witch. It was reported that the three students were still missing when the movie was released.Continue reading “Movie – The Blair Witch Project”

Movie – The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys is a 1980’s teen horror classic. This movie starred big names from the time, and still names that are still popular. We all wanted to move to California, ride a motorcycle and change our name to Star. The movie was released in 1987, and was about two teen boys who move toContinue reading “Movie – The Lost Boys”