An Outline of a Curving or Irregular Figure

Also known as Contouring. Facial contouring with makeup has really taken off and become super common now. Contouring is simply allowing you to enhance what you have and disguising things you may not love. Yours truly has gotten into contouring my chin and neck area, because sometimes, I don’t want to have extra chins. **ThisContinue reading “An Outline of a Curving or Irregular Figure”

The Tools of Our Trade

Plumbers have wrenches and pipes, electricians use wires and outlets, teachers use chalk and books. We all have our own tools we use to do our jobs, hobbies, and perform life events. Especially true with beauticians, influencers, and others in the beauty industry. I’m not talking about make up palettes or other cosmetics. I’m talkingContinue reading “The Tools of Our Trade”

To Conceal or not to Conceal

**This post is not sponsored by any of the products or brands mentioned therein** Concealer can be your best friend and take a make-up look from good to amazing. But it can be your worst enemy too. Before we get too far on this I personally want to stress that concealer is not foundation andContinue reading “To Conceal or not to Conceal”