The House of The Seven Gables

Having been such at some previous time, before we were born, there was an indentured servant from England, who had a son named John Turner. John, however, was not satisfied to make other people rich, oh no. John had the knowledge and drive and became one of the wealthiest men in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.Continue reading “The House of The Seven Gables”

The Vampire of Marshfield

There are thousands of images of vampires out there. Ranging from Bela Lugosi, Kiefer Sutherland, Brad Pitt, and even a cartoon version of Dracula in Hotel Transylvania. But those vampires are not real. None of them are. There is no such thing as vampires (right?). But the last few weeks have shown us that thereContinue reading “The Vampire of Marshfield”

Haunted -Salem

Everyone who has gone through public school has at one time or another learned about Salem, Massachusetts. How in 1692 there was mass hysteria, and innocent people were accused, tried, convicted, and executed for being a witch. Books and movies have discussed this subject in great detail and I don’t plan to do that here,Continue reading “Haunted -Salem”

Danvers State Insane Asylum

In 1878, the Danvers State Hospital was opened after four years of construction. There were two main buildings in the center, housing the administrative offices. Four radiating wings were on either side of the Administrative block. There were additional buildings behind the main hospital for the staff. Male and female patients were segregated to eitherContinue reading “Danvers State Insane Asylum”