Double Feature – Teen Witch

When this movie came out in 1989, I immediately fell in love with it. It was a teenage girl, who was not the most popular in school, but learns she is actually a witch! Louise Miller is almost 16, and the one thing she wants most is to kiss Brad Powell, and to not beContinue reading “Double Feature – Teen Witch”

Movie – The Sixth Sense

Now you might be thinking this isn’t a Halloween movie, and you would be right. However it is a great movie, that has it’s moments of thrilling suspense, and the fact that a young boy can see dead people, fits right into the theme of this October and the movies I’m showcasing. The Sixth SenseContinue reading “Movie – The Sixth Sense”

Double Feature – Transylvania 6-5000

In 1985, the movies, the music, the fashion, were all awesome. This movie is fun, it is a comedy but embraces the classic movie monsters from Hollywood. Two tabloid reporters are dispatched to Transylvania to get the story of a Frankenstein reporting. Meeting a cast of characters in the small town, the two reporters discoverContinue reading “Double Feature – Transylvania 6-5000”

Movie – The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys is a 1980’s teen horror classic. This movie starred big names from the time, and still names that are still popular. We all wanted to move to California, ride a motorcycle and change our name to Star. The movie was released in 1987, and was about two teen boys who move toContinue reading “Movie – The Lost Boys”

Double Feature – Rocky Horror Picture Show

Originally released in 1975, this movie is rated R, but I feel that it’s more PG-13, but maybe some violence in the movie requires it to be a higher rating. Regardless this is not a ‘Horror’ movie. It’s a cult classic that has catchy music and a very enthusiastic cult following as well. It’s justContinue reading “Double Feature – Rocky Horror Picture Show”

Movie – Silence of the Lambs

Silence of the Lambs – Released in 1991 was big news when it first came out, and still receives attention. Rated R and lasting almost 2 hours, we are not watching a horror movie per se, but a psychological thriller that is sometime more terrifying than simply blood and gore. We first meet FBI CadetContinue reading “Movie – Silence of the Lambs”

Double Feature – Little Vampire

One vampire movie is never enough. This is the family friendly version of a vampire movie. Little Vampire was originally released in 2000, and is rated PG. Young Tony Thompson has just moved to Scotland (A girl can hope to do that too) with his parents. And he’s bored, and his imagination starts working. HeContinue reading “Double Feature – Little Vampire”

Movie – John Carpenter’s Vampires

I have loved vampires and the legends that surround them for as long as I can remember. And this movie is one of my absolute favorites for vampire movies. This is definitely not a family movie as it is rated R, not only for the language, but the violence and blood. Definitely not suitable forContinue reading “Movie – John Carpenter’s Vampires”