Double Feature – Little Shop Of Horrors

Don’t let the title fool you! This isn’t a scary horror movie. It has a few intense moments for younger viewers, but overall it’s a good family movie. This would be described as a musical, but it has comedy, horror, romance, and science fiction all wrapped up in one amazing movie. Released in 1986 (ThereContinue reading “Double Feature – Little Shop Of Horrors”

Double Feature – Casper

For our double feature, we are offering the movie, Casper. A great October/Halloween family movie, rated PG. I remember when this movie first came out, everyone wanted to live in the haunted house and be friends with Casper. One of my favorite parts of the movie is at the beginning, a great little cameo ofContinue reading “Double Feature – Casper”

Movie – Interview with a Vampire

Today’s double feature starts with a movie that I had watched when it came out, and hated. I love Anne Rice, and her books are amazing, but the movie version of this book, I disliked entirely. But I watched it a couple more times, and began to appreciate the movie more, as I slowly realizedContinue reading “Movie – Interview with a Vampire”

Double Feature – Clue

This movie is one of my favorites, it’s one I will watch all year long. Why did I choose it for this month as a family friendly movie? Well, there isn’t any gore, sex, violence, it’s rated PG. There is some dialogue that may be a bit adult themed, but honestly it’s a movie basedContinue reading “Double Feature – Clue”

Movie – Zombieland

Happy October!! This month is full of excitement, fun, thrills, chills, and just a little spooky horror to make it interesting. This month, you will be getting the standard fare of true crime, paranormal, recipes and skin care; but you will also be getting a double feature of movies as well. I’m trying to shareContinue reading “Movie – Zombieland”

April Fool’s Day

I thought for fun, we would talk about a horror movie. Or as it’s described a black comedy mystery slasher film. The movie is April Fool’s Day, and it was originally released in 1986. There will be no spoilers in this post. On the weekend leading up to April Fool’s Day, college friends gather toContinue reading “April Fool’s Day”