The Brenizer Family

In the North Woods of Wisconsin, you will find trees, tranquility, and wildlife. What you won’t often find is crime, and it’s even more rare to find a murder, especially one that involved 5 members of the same family. But in Cushing, WI, in Polk County on the border of Minnesota, that’s exactly what wasContinue reading “The Brenizer Family”

Barbara Blackstone

This is a tough one to share, not only is it an unsolved case, but there just simply isn’t much available online about it. The case of Barbara Blackstone is set in tiny Lyndon Station, WI, and is less than 2 square miles in size, the population is less than 500. Barbara Blackstone was aContinue reading “Barbara Blackstone”

Buenoano is not a Goodyear

Black Widows, we aren’t talking about the spiders, but these species are just as deadly. Women who choose to kill their spouses or boyfriends and may kill others are referred to as Black Widows. Judy Buenoano is no exception, but luckily, she was caught when her death toll was relatively low. Born in April 1943,Continue reading “Buenoano is not a Goodyear”

Robert Limon

I think this case will present another reason why love triangles are never a good idea, even if you have an open marriage. Let’s talk about the case of Robert, Sabrina and Jonathan. Robert and Sabrina married on August 19, 2000, and moved from Arizona to Silver Lakes, California. Robert worked as a mechanic forContinue reading “Robert Limon”

Mystery Il Mostro

I feel I have been neglecting international cases, but since I am based in the United States those are the cases I am more familiar with, however there are cases that come up that do intrigue me and this one happens to be in Italy. This killer in this case has been dubbed the ItalianContinue reading “Mystery Il Mostro”

Wisconsin Case – Alisha Bromfield

Wisconsin was the host of the murder of Alisha Bromfield, she was a 21-year-old girl from Plainfield, IL, just outside of Chicago. She was seven months pregnant with a little girl whom she already named Ava Lucille. Alisha worked at a local Home Depot that worked well with her school schedule and she was aContinue reading “Wisconsin Case – Alisha Bromfield”

Wisconsin – Ethan H.

When tragedy strikes people always want to ask, why did this happen? That is a good question, but the next one should be, how can we prevent this from happening ever again? In this case tragedy did occur, a young boy died, but a new law in his name will now help prevent it happeningContinue reading “Wisconsin – Ethan H.”


Oftentimes the closest people to a homicide victim are involved in their demise, especially when there had been controversy from the very beginning of their relationship. But for Celeste Johnson, controversy didn’t bother her especially when the man she was looking at was older, wealthy, and willing to marry her and adopt her twin daughters.Continue reading “Celeste”