Mystery – Lake Bodom Murders

Unknown crimes happen all the time, and they can happen anywhere. We usually hear of the crimes that happen in the bigger cities, bigger victim counts, more notoriety. But even the smaller, less known crimes need answers, and this is one that hasn’t been answered in over 50 years. The details: In June 1960, fourContinue reading “Mystery – Lake Bodom Murders”

Lea and Christine

In the early 1900’s Gustave and Clemence Papin were unhappily married. Rumors of infidelity abounded. Clemence was rumored to be dating her employer before and after she married Gustave. In fact they only married as she became pregnant and in 1902 Emilia was born. In 1905, Gustave and Clemence had a second daughter, Christine. SinceContinue reading “Lea and Christine”

Mystery – Delphi

We never want to hear about someone who is taken from us too early. And we absolutely never want to hear when it happens to kids. In this case, two girls were murdered, and the murderer still has not been identified. Between Indianapolis and Chicago, his the city of Delphi, Indiana. Population 2893 as ofContinue reading “Mystery – Delphi”