Mystery – Sims Family Triple Murder

When a case goes cold it makes the survivors have to keep reliving the crime over and over, because the investigators go back again and again to see if something new was remembered or if they get a new lead. Today’s case is a Cold Case from Tallahassee, Florida, and it begins at 641 MurielContinue reading “Mystery – Sims Family Triple Murder”

Mystery – Tara Calico

I’ve said it before, one of the worst things a parent can experience is the loss of their child. And when they don’t know what happened to them, it makes it even harder. Never knowing if they will walk back into your life, or if you will only see them again in the afterlife. TaraContinue reading “Mystery – Tara Calico”

Mystery – Erdington, England

There are cases that are cut and dry, police know who did it and the perpetrator is convicted, justice served, the victim can rest in peace. There are cases, that take a little work, get a lucky break, or simply unable to convict the person. There are cases that remain a mystery, and then thereContinue reading “Mystery – Erdington, England”

Mystery – The Grimes Sisters

People don’t go missing for no reason. They either want to be alone, start over in life, or are simple taken away against their wishes. For Patricia and Barbara Grimes, the latter is what happened to them in 1956. December 28, 1956, the two sisters, who were very close to each other went to aContinue reading “Mystery – The Grimes Sisters”

Wisconsin – Little Lord Fauntleroy

Wisconsin is a state that surprises me every week, as I am finding new and sometimes unusual cases to share. This one is also one that could be shared on Monday when I share a Mystery case, as it still remains unsolved. A young boy was found floating in a pond in Waukesha, WI, onContinue reading “Wisconsin – Little Lord Fauntleroy”

Mystery – Ice Box Murders

This mystery is over 50 years old, and the only suspect in the case has also vanished. So, there is a murder, wrapped up in a disappearance, encased in a conspiracy. Let’s learn about Fred and Edwina Rogers and their son, Charles. The Murder June 23, 1965, the Houston police were asked to do aContinue reading “Mystery – Ice Box Murders”

Smiley Face Killer

There are numerous victims out there who are found and it’s unexplained why they died, when, or by who. Sometimes investigators get lucky and a lead breaks and they solve the case. Providing closure for families and helping put murderers away. But then there are those cases that don’t get those lucky breaks. Victims remainContinue reading “Smiley Face Killer”