Mystery – Charles Jr

This case had inspired Agatha Christie when she wrote her novel, Murder on the Orient Express. Unfortunately Hercule Poirot is not here to help solve it. I’ve reached back almost 100 years ago to discuss this mystery case. There was a man arrested, tried, convicted, and ultimately executed for the crime of kidnapping Charles A.Continue reading “Mystery – Charles Jr”

Mystery – Natalie Wood

Most of us may remember Natalie Wood as young Susan Walker in Miracle on 34th Street. Or Maria in the movie West Side Story. She had many other movie and television roles throughout her life; but one thing most of us are interested in now is her death. November 28, 1981, Natalie Wood was takingContinue reading “Mystery – Natalie Wood”

Mystery – Tylenol

When we reach into our medicine cabinets for a pain reliever, we have options; Aleve, Advil, Aspirin, and Tylenol. Never expecting that the pills in those bottles are going to do anything besides take away the pain we are experiencing at the moment. However in 1982, seven innocent people died when taking Tylenol in theContinue reading “Mystery – Tylenol”

The Boy In The Box

Some of the cases I stumble upon, affect me. Especially when it involves children. Children should never have to experience such violence that ends their lives. But when a violent act is committed and the child is not able to be identified it seems to make it even harder. Today’s case is such a caseContinue reading “The Boy In The Box”

Mystery – Room 1046

We’ve heard of rooms that we shouldn’t visit in hotels; Room 217 (The Stephen King room) at the Stanley Hotel, Room 1220 Westin St. Francis in San Francisco, and now Room 1046 at the President Hotel in Kansas City, MO. A young man checked into the President Hotel in Kanas City on January 2, 1935.Continue reading “Mystery – Room 1046”

Mystery – The Town That Got Away With Murder

There are cases in this world that stand out for many things; depravity, gruesomeness, infamy, or mystery. This case is right up there in mystery. We have a person shot to death, with a crowd around him, yet nobody knows who did it. Let’s jump right in and learn about Ken Rex McElroy. Ken RexContinue reading “Mystery – The Town That Got Away With Murder”

Mystery – Axeman of New Orleans

When you think of a city as large as New Orleans, you don’t often think that one person, could put the entire population into a panic. But in May of 1918 to October of 1919, that is exactly what happened. The axeman was never identified, and he is our subject to talk about today. TheContinue reading “Mystery – Axeman of New Orleans”