The Chase Vault

When we hear the words Chase and Vault in a sentence together, we typically think of Chase bank and their vault they hold their money in. But in this instance, I am not referring to a bank I’m referring to a burial plot in the cemetery of the Christ Church Parish Church in Oistins, ChristContinue reading “The Chase Vault”

Picton Mushroom Tunnel

Most towns, communities, and families all have a story about a nearby location that has a morbid story behind it. These stories are used for entertainment, to frighten kids, and also to prove your bravery when you are a young adult. Normally these stories have no basis in fact, and usually are urban legends thatContinue reading “Picton Mushroom Tunnel”

The REAL Amityville Horror

Previously I have mentioned that I feel that Ed and Lorraine Warren are the world’s biggest paranormal Con artists. If you haven’t read it, see my post from April on the topic. However, that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a horror that took place at 112 Ocean Avenue, in Amityville, NY. What it means isContinue reading “The REAL Amityville Horror”

LeBeau House

Louisiana has many properties with a long history to them. Many of them do have stories that will make you question the noises in the middle of the night. Let’s talk about the LeBeau House Plantation. The Plantation is located in Arabi, Louisiana, approximately 6 miles from New Orleans. The History: The property was purchasedContinue reading “LeBeau House”

Haunted Transylvania

No October would be completed without taking a trip to the Carpathian Mountains in Romania and enjoying the region known as Transylvania. This region has been mentioned in most versions of the Dracula story, and even cartoons like Vampirina. Transylvania is synonymous with Spooky. So let’s see if the hype is even close to theContinue reading “Haunted Transylvania”

Pitkin-Conrow House

California has many reasons to visit, and one more would be the Pitkin-Conrow House. This elegant Victorian home is located in Arroyo Grande, CA, and has a legend of being haunted. In 1890, Charles Pitkin had the house built as a wedding present for his new wife, Julia Louis Goodwin. Two years after the houseContinue reading “Pitkin-Conrow House”

Danvers State Insane Asylum

In 1878, the Danvers State Hospital was opened after four years of construction. There were two main buildings in the center, housing the administrative offices. Four radiating wings were on either side of the Administrative block. There were additional buildings behind the main hospital for the staff. Male and female patients were segregated to eitherContinue reading “Danvers State Insane Asylum”

Tennessee State Prison

We have heard about prisons being over crowded, violent, and even so high security that you need a papal blessing to gain entry. But inhumane treatment is also something rampant in prisons across the world. Sadly those abuses continue to this day, and when they have happened in the past, the residual energy can createContinue reading “Tennessee State Prison”