A Real Grinch

Most of us are familiar with the Christmas story, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, it’s basically about The Grinch who dislikes Christmas and how the Who’s who live at the bottom of the mountain all love it. He attempts to prevent Christmas from coming. As this is only a Dr. Seuss story, turned cartoon, turnedContinue reading “A Real Grinch”

The Hex Murder House

In 1928, the brutal murder of Nelson Rehmeyer, started a hex scare in York County, PA, near the border of Maryland. Nelson was a resident of Hex Hollow, now known as Spring Valley County Park. He was also an reputed witch, who allegedly had cursed another resident, John Blymire. During this time, in this location,Continue reading “The Hex Murder House”

The Boy In The Box

Some of the cases I stumble upon, affect me. Especially when it involves children. Children should never have to experience such violence that ends their lives. But when a violent act is committed and the child is not able to be identified it seems to make it even harder. Today’s case is such a caseContinue reading “The Boy In The Box”