Last Meals – Part 3

It’s Monday again! And that means we get Last Meal Monday! So tuck in your napkin, pull up a chair and dig in to these last meals by some of the most notorious criminals. (This post and series is not intended to cause controversy regarding capital punishment, and is only intended to discuss the finalContinue reading “Last Meals – Part 3”

Last Meal Monday – Part 2

Another week has begun, and another posting about the last meals of condemned prisoners in the United States. I am starting to look forward to Mondays and this topic and it seems that I’m not the only one interested in this topic. Many people like to know what the condemned eat before being escorted toContinue reading “Last Meal Monday – Part 2”

Last Meal Monday

In the United States we have an odd fascination with true crime and the last meal of the condemned. Since I wanted to shake things up and try something new I’m looking at Last Meal Monday. Let’s review what a few prisoners have chosen as their last meals before being sent to the great beyond.Continue reading “Last Meal Monday”

Patton State Hospital

We have heard of asylums where prisoners, the mentally ill, and even those who simply need some help go to, typically these locations were available in a different time and place. Usually they are hospitals that have reputations for being strict, violent, or even reputed to be haunted. But what about now? Where do theContinue reading “Patton State Hospital”