Golden State Killer

Thirteen years, nine nicknames, 183 victims of various crimes; this all equals one person. Joseph James DeAngelo Jr, best known as the Golden State Killer. Born in Bath New York in November 1945, Joseph was the oldest of 4 children, and an Army brat. In 1959, Joseph was back stateside and living in California. It’sContinue reading “Golden State Killer”


**Warning: This article has descriptions of true crime. It contains images of crime scenes and may include images of victims. The language contained may be of an adult nature, reader discretion is suggested.** Most people who kill are men. They have accounted for over 89% of killers out there. Women are less likely to kill,Continue reading “Katherine”

Lea and Christine

In the early 1900’s Gustave and Clemence Papin were unhappily married. Rumors of infidelity abounded. Clemence was rumored to be dating her employer before and after she married Gustave. In fact they only married as she became pregnant and in 1902 Emilia was born. In 1905, Gustave and Clemence had a second daughter, Christine. SinceContinue reading “Lea and Christine”

Mystery – Axeman of New Orleans

When you think of a city as large as New Orleans, you don’t often think that one person, could put the entire population into a panic. But in May of 1918 to October of 1919, that is exactly what happened. The axeman was never identified, and he is our subject to talk about today. TheContinue reading “Mystery – Axeman of New Orleans”

Bobbie Jo Stinnett

Being pregnant is one of the most wonderful things in the world. Knowing that you are carrying something so precious and feeling your baby grow and move, these are feelings that you have for yourself, and they can’t be taken away. Or can they? Bobbie Jo Stinnett, was a resident of Skidmore, MO. She wasContinue reading “Bobbie Jo Stinnett”

The Kunz Family

This is a Wisconsin story. Some of my favorite stories are found within my home state. This case is unusual. A bit of mystery, a dash of murder, and a whole helping of family love. Here is the case of the Kunz family. Shoutout to Rosann J. for this lead. The family included: Irene KunzContinue reading “The Kunz Family”

Mystery – Children of the Snow

When crimes happen to children, regardless of what it is, the crime seems much worse that is really was, simply because the victim was more innocent than anyone else. This mystery case was recommended by Cas R. and it’s intrigued me, I hope it does for you as well. **Warning – The content you areContinue reading “Mystery – Children of the Snow”