Isla de las Munecas

South of Mexico City, between the canals of Xochimico, you will find a small island that was never intended to be a tourist area. It’s dedicated to the lost soul of a little girl whose life was taken too soon in strange circumstances. The island isn’t inhabited with the living, it is home to hundredsContinue reading “Isla de las Munecas”

The Kunz Family

This is a Wisconsin story. Some of my favorite stories are found within my home state. This case is unusual. A bit of mystery, a dash of murder, and a whole helping of family love. Here is the case of the Kunz family. Shoutout to Rosann J. for this lead. The family included: Irene KunzContinue reading “The Kunz Family”

Truly Weird and Shocking – Black River Falls

Black River Falls, Wisconsin, is located in Jackson County, in the western part of the state. Population as of 2019 is 3465 people. While Black River Falls is an outdoor enthusiasts ideal destination as it has forested areas, water access and trails; what you see today as a picturesque town was not what you wouldContinue reading “Truly Weird and Shocking – Black River Falls”