The Vampire of Marshfield

There are thousands of images of vampires out there. Ranging from Bela Lugosi, Kiefer Sutherland, Brad Pitt, and even a cartoon version of Dracula in Hotel Transylvania. But those vampires are not real. None of them are. There is no such thing as vampires (right?). But the last few weeks have shown us that thereContinue reading “The Vampire of Marshfield”

The Vampire of Hanover

What causes a person to crave the taste of human flesh or the desire to drink human blood? For Friedrich Heinrich Karl Haarman, it seemed to be there his whole life. Freidrich, known as Fritz, was born in October of 1879. The sixth and youngest child to his parents, Johanna and Ollie Haarman. He wasContinue reading “The Vampire of Hanover”

The Vampire of Sacramento

My love of vampires started with The Lost Boys, and then grew as the popularity of vampires grew as well. Anne Rice with her Interview With A Vampire series and various other authors solidified my love of vampires. With my love of this supernatural creature, I’ve never once thought, “I need to drink blood toContinue reading “The Vampire of Sacramento”