When in Wisconsin…

Today is a different Wisconsin Wednesday. Instead of a true crime case which are always appropriate, I thought I would highlight the top foods that you have to try when in the Dairy State. In no particular order here are the top foods you need to try when in Wisconsin: Cheese Curds – Wisconsinites considerContinue reading “When in Wisconsin…”

The Brenizer Family

In the North Woods of Wisconsin, you will find trees, tranquility, and wildlife. What you won’t often find is crime, and it’s even more rare to find a murder, especially one that involved 5 members of the same family. But in Cushing, WI, in Polk County on the border of Minnesota, that’s exactly what wasContinue reading “The Brenizer Family”

Barbara Blackstone

This is a tough one to share, not only is it an unsolved case, but there just simply isn’t much available online about it. The case of Barbara Blackstone is set in tiny Lyndon Station, WI, and is less than 2 square miles in size, the population is less than 500. Barbara Blackstone was aContinue reading “Barbara Blackstone”

Wisconsin Case – Alisha Bromfield

Wisconsin was the host of the murder of Alisha Bromfield, she was a 21-year-old girl from Plainfield, IL, just outside of Chicago. She was seven months pregnant with a little girl whom she already named Ava Lucille. Alisha worked at a local Home Depot that worked well with her school schedule and she was aContinue reading “Wisconsin Case – Alisha Bromfield”

Wisconsin – Brumder Mansion

At 3046 West Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee, you will find a Victorian/Gothic mansion that is currently a bed and breakfast. It is touted as Wisconsin’s Most Haunted House. Let’s learn about the Brumder Mansion and their hauntings. The red brick home has been restored to its prime, and the furnishings and decor take guests backContinue reading “Wisconsin – Brumder Mansion”

Wisconsin – Ethan H.

When tragedy strikes people always want to ask, why did this happen? That is a good question, but the next one should be, how can we prevent this from happening ever again? In this case tragedy did occur, a young boy died, but a new law in his name will now help prevent it happeningContinue reading “Wisconsin – Ethan H.”

Troy and Phyllis

Welcome to another Wednesday where I have waiting for you a delightful case of murder, madness, and mayhem. This week, we have a case that is made for the movies, or at least Discovery ID. Troy Bierdz was the miracle child that was destined to keep his parents’ marriage together. But unfortunately, it didn’t. TroyContinue reading “Troy and Phyllis”

The Milwaukee North Side Strangler

No matter what happens, Milwaukee will always be newsworthy. We have the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team, Miller Beer, Gene Wilder is from Milwaukee, and Jeffrey Dahmer. In addition to that, we have another serial killer that called Milwaukee home, and hunting grounds, Walter E. Ellis. Originally from Holmes County, Mississippi. Walter and his family relocatedContinue reading “The Milwaukee North Side Strangler”

Wild Wisconsin

Wisconsin, not just cheese lovers and Packers supporters. We have many other layers, and one of those layers (probably towards the bottom) is plenty of murders. I found this case when doing a search and unfortunately I do not have much information to share with you, but here is what I have found out. OctoberContinue reading “Wild Wisconsin”

Wisconsin – Traci Hammerberg

I don’t think I will ever find the end of cases from Wisconsin, so as long as I keep finding them, I will keep sharing them with you. This case goes back to 1984, and takes place around the Milwaukee area in Ozaukee County. However it wouldn’t be solved for 35 years, and the teamContinue reading “Wisconsin – Traci Hammerberg”