Wisconsin – Little Lord Fauntleroy

Wisconsin is a state that surprises me every week, as I am finding new and sometimes unusual cases to share. This one is also one that could be shared on Monday when I share a Mystery case, as it still remains unsolved. A young boy was found floating in a pond in Waukesha, WI, onContinue reading “Wisconsin – Little Lord Fauntleroy”

Wild Wisconsin

I’m not disappointed with Wisconsin. Just as long as the snow only accumulates on the yards and not the roads, we would be ideal. Since that doesn’t happen, I have to find other ways to enjoy Wisconsin in winter. Enter true crime sites. Today I found a unique true crime case that was new toContinue reading “Wild Wisconsin”

Mr. Handcuffs

I love Wisconsin, we have all four seasons, sometimes in the same week. We have great people, history, and sports. We also have a lot of people who have murdered. Today is another person who has committed murder, and even has a moniker, The Suitcase Murderer. Let’s talk about Steven Zelich. The case takes placeContinue reading “Mr. Handcuffs”

Chris and Thad

It’s Wisconsin Wednesday today! I wish I were providing some great secret about Wisconsin that you didn’t know. But, today, I bring to you a disturbing case from the Southern part of the state, the Circus Capital of the World….Baraboo! Yes you read that right. Baraboo, WI, was the winter grounds for the Ringling BrothersContinue reading “Chris and Thad”

The Kunz Family

This is a Wisconsin story. Some of my favorite stories are found within my home state. This case is unusual. A bit of mystery, a dash of murder, and a whole helping of family love. Here is the case of the Kunz family. Shoutout to Rosann J. for this lead. The family included: Irene KunzContinue reading “The Kunz Family”