The ABC’s of Feeling Sexy – U to Z

As we finish up the alphabet today for that sexy feeling we want to embrace, remember these are all suggestions and are meant to be used to inspire you. Do what you like and what feels good, and maybe find other ways to bring that sexy back. As always when participating with a partner, beContinue reading “The ABC’s of Feeling Sexy – U to Z”

The ABC’s of Feeling Sexy – G to M

Exploring ways to bring that sexy feeling back, not only for us, but for our partners as well. Last week I started the alphabet with A to F, today I’m going to continue it and hopefully find more ways you can use to bring the sexy back. As mentioned last week, please practice these suggestionsContinue reading “The ABC’s of Feeling Sexy – G to M”

The ABC’s of Feeling Sexy – A to F

We all have those moments of insecurity. Where we feel we aren’t attractive to ourselves or our partners. And if we let it, that negativity will grow and take over our thoughts all day long. How can we stop it? What can we do? Let’s go back and learn our ABC’s and see if weContinue reading “The ABC’s of Feeling Sexy – A to F”

Lingering Over Lingerie

In my honest opinion we, as women, NEED lingerie. It’s something that we can control in our otherwise crazy lives, to give us some much needed confidence, beauty, and not to mention, who doesn’t want to feel sexy knowing they have silk and lace against their skin? Even if we only wear it for ourselves,Continue reading “Lingering Over Lingerie”

Boudoir Photography

Hello again! I’m very happy to have you still here reading my ramblings. Finding ways to be fresh and keep things real is sometimes difficult. However, a dear friend of mine mentioned just recently about an instant dose of confidence and empowerment that she recently experienced. So today I wanted to shout out to allContinue reading “Boudoir Photography”