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Saturday has come again. I apologize for posting this late. As I have mentioned previously I love to learn, when 2020 was upon us I started to learn a foreign language. I chose French and I am learning on DuoLingo.

I am 305 days in and I still feel like I’m a beginner and couldn’t handle the most basic of conversations.

DuoLingo makes learning a language easy. They start by assessing your level of comprehension in your chosen language. They go slow and repeat the phrases and words so you can build up your knowledge.

This program helps you build up reading, speaking, writing, and comprehending. It’s super easy to do and did I mention it’s free?

That’s right, download the free DuoLingo app to your phone and learn a new language on your lunch break, commute, or even while relaxing at night. They offer numerous languages from French to Japanese to Klingon.

If you start expanding your mind now, when we are all able to start traveling again you will be ready to communicate on your next adventure.

You are your own best investment.

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