Who Killed John Lennon?

While trying to come up with a topic that would get us talking, I had started to look into conspiracy theories. And one that was mentioned to me was so obscure that I had to look into it further. Have you heard of Steve Lightfoot and his theory that Stephen King killed John Lennon?

Steve Lightfoot has been claiming for the last 30+ years that Stephen King and not Mark David Chapman had shot and killed John Lennon on December 8, 1980. He says that the government, the prison system, and Yoko Ono are all covering up the fact that Stephen King murdered John Lennon, with the governments blessing.

Mr. Lightfoot states that the evidence is in front of us, in the bold print headlines of Time, Newsweek, and US News and World Report magazines. He says that there are government codes that prove that Mark David Chapman was a pawn and knowing this information, Mr. Lightfoot fears for his life.

Dec 8, 1980, John Lennon signing an autograph for Mark David Chapman

Mr. Lightfoot states that the picture of John Lennon signing an autograph for Mark David Chapman, on the day of his murder, was actually an autograph for Stephen King. I will allow the fact that in 1980 Stephen King may have shared similar physical traits with Mark David Chapman, such as dark hair and glasses, however, you can clearly see in the photograph that it is not Stephen King in that image.

While researching this obnoxious “conspiracy theory” I found no other indications that anyone truly believes Mr. Lightfoot, and his website ranges from ethnic slurs to vulgarity, to the ramblings of someone who has devoted his life to accusing an innocent person of a heinous crime. While he’s accusing one man of murder, he accuses the American people of accepting these “lies” about the murder of John Lennon but the next sentence is asking for our support, sponsorship, and money to help him prove the “truth”.

I for one, 100% believe that Mark David Chapman killed John Lennon, and as he pleaded guilty to the crime, is serving his time in prison. I honestly don’t know if Mr. Lightfoot has any supporters, but if you believe his theory I would love you to comment more about it and explain your beliefs.

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One thought on “Who Killed John Lennon?

  1. Two days ago while cleaning out an old trunk of mine I happened to come across an early version of his hand out that he gave me around 1984/5 while I was in CA, I thought it interesting and shoved it aside to see if anything came of it. After all high profile conspiracy murders are not rare in the world, then or now. I found he’s still alive and like you said in the article. I could see the government having Lennon on a ‘list’, after all he was a threat to the status quo, I recall hearing (laughable now) people call The Beetles rock and roll the devils music…. Is it possible he’s right- sure, but if he was I kinda think he would have had an ‘accidental death’ by now. Being alive kinda almost proves him wrong. I work in info tech now and know things and people that know things, that makes me trust nobody and know anything is possible. But, I think Chapman did it. It will take more than a blurry photo of a guy getting an autograph that may or may not be either of them, prior to the murder,,, to get my acceptance.


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