Doris Bither

In 1974, Culver City, California was home to Doris Bither, who alleged that the ghosts of three men were raping her. This case inspired the 1978 book, The Entity, and the film version of the same name released in 1982.

During the investigation at Doris’ home, it was learned that Doris had a history of physical and substance abuse. She wasn’t married at the time, and had four sons she was raising. The claims that she experienced in the house include, the sexual assaults, banging on the walls, lights flickering, and as reported by others who have visited, an overall sense of dread when near the home.

One witness has claimed they had witnessed Doris being thrown around like a rag doll, and another stated that when one of her sons had attempted to intervene with one of the spirits, he was attacked and his arm was broken. The relationship of Ms. Bither and her sons wasn’t on the best of terms.

Photographs of every room in the house were taken, when they were developed, white orbs were seen in many of the photos. After Doris had left the house pictures developed from that time, showed no orbs. Were these spirits attached to Doris specifically?

While the experience was being investigated, Doris attempted to summon the spirits by cursing and yelling at them, nearly 30 researchers were there to record the event. The summoning appeared to work as a green fog began to appear. The fog formed into the torso of a big and muscular man, no face was to be seen.

Doris and her family moved away, however the haunting continued. When the book and movie were released, she never came forward regarding her stories, and it was rumored she was pregnant with a child that may have been fathered by “The Entity”

In 1995 Doris Bither passed away from pulmonary arrest.

But is the house still worth visiting? The home is still there and occupied by residents to this day. No reported hauntings are occurring, but you can still see the outside of the house if you find yourself in Culver City, California. Please do not disturb the current occupants.

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