Stull Cemetery

Back in June I had blogged about the Gates of Hell. If you haven’t read that post, you can find it here: As I like to find new and interesting locations for your enjoyment, I wanted to share with you all a location in the United States that also has a claim in for a Gate to Hell. This location is in Stull, Kansas, at the Stull Cemetery.

Stull, a small community approximately 7 miles East of Lawrence, Kansas. It is unincorporated, so there is no population to provide to let you know how small it truly is. Originally the town was named Deer Creek and established in 1857, but was renamed Stull, after the local postmaster, Sylvester Stull. As of 2018, few buildings remain.

Stull Cemetery, located across from Stull United Methodist Church on E 250 Road, in Lecompton KS. It looks like your normal small town cemetery filled with headstones of those who previously lived in the area. There was an old Church located within the cemetery but due to neglect, vandalism, and disuse, it was taken down in 2002. But removing the church has not changed the perceived evil that resides inside the cemetery gates.

In 1974, an article in the student newspaper of the University of Kansas, mentioned the strange occurrences that happened there. The article claimed that Stull itself was “haunted by legends of diabolical and supernatural happenings.” The legends claim that the devil appears not once, but twice a year in Stull Cemetery. Once at Halloween, and the other time on St. Walburga Day, April 30/May 1.

But with any stories, you have to expect some creative license to attract new listeners/believers. However, is there any truth behind the stories? According to those who have lived in the area for years, they report there are no paranormal happenings at Stull Cemetery, on Halloween or any other night.

But the lack of “proof” has not prevented people from flocking to Stull Cemetery on Halloween or St. Walburga Day, to see if they too will catch a glimpse of the Devil himself. In 1999, a gathering of seekers, were in the Cemetery, police officials were present, but the cemetery association asked everyone to leave at 11.30PM, before the supposed arrival of the Devil at midnight. Since the land and that around it was private property, the police had to enforce the request and asked everyone to leave.

But why? Why not let them stay with their cameras to see if the Devil really did show up, or as believed by some, to finally prove that it was a story, and no such entity would be arriving at midnight? Why wouldn’t they finally answer the question once and for all? Now, the police will arrest anyone in the cemetery after it closes, you could face a sentence of 6 months in jail and a fine up to $1000.

If you find yourself outside of Lawrence, Kansas, stop by the Stull Cemetery when it is open and see if you have any paranormal events occur for you. Keep me posted if you do.

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