Holy Family Orphanage

Orphans and orphanages have been around since forever. They usually have a bad reputation, and this is no exception. Regardless of the intentions, the orphanages have been operated by those who aren’t as Godly as they would like to appear, and sadly those innocent charges in their care, have suffered. Here is the history of the Holy Family Orphanage in Marquette, MI.

Construction of the Holy Family Orphanage began in 1914. It opened immediately after construction in 1915 and initially accepted mostly children between second and eighth grades. Later other children were added in other age groups. The orphanage provided care to hundreds of children, white, Native American, and Cuban until it closed in 1965. It remained in use until 1981 as administrative offices.

Now the orphanage didn’t live up to it’s reputation as a safe haven. It in fact has a dark and dangerous history. It all started in 1915.

Eight nuns arrived in Marquette, MI, with sixty Native American children, who had been ripped from their parents arms in Assinins as babies, in the effort to assimilate the Native culture to the white society. Locals can still tell stories of how their parents were stolen and didn’t learn their original heritage or customs until adulthood.

It seems like orphanages and abuse go hand in hand, and this location is no different. The children who had moved out rarely spoke of their time there except to say that the nuns were cruel and inflicted unsettling punishments on the children. They overheard other children being beaten to death or left out in the cold Michigan winters.

One story that is somewhat true, is of a small girl who went out to play in a snowstorm, and had to be rescued by a nun. The girl had developed pneumonia, and was put on display to make an example of her. The girl died, and a funeral was held for her in the basement, but it is unknown whether she was put on display or not.

Another story of a young boy who either drowned or was beaten to death, he death was reported as accidental and his body was stored in the basement.

Because of these stories and others, the location has been a ghost hunting destination and paranormal location for decades. People have reported, baby carriages moving, children crying , and the basement has orbs that are unexplained. The location has been remodeled, and is now an Apartment building, but it’s unknown if the orphans who once lived there are happy with the new tenets or not.

Happy Haunting!

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