Double Feature – Transylvania 6-5000

In 1985, the movies, the music, the fashion, were all awesome. This movie is fun, it is a comedy but embraces the classic movie monsters from Hollywood. Two tabloid reporters are dispatched to Transylvania to get the story of a Frankenstein reporting.

Meeting a cast of characters in the small town, the two reporters discover the truth behind the Frankenstein story, and the many other “monsters” that reside in the secret laboratory in the basement of the mayor’s castle home.

In Transylvania 6-5000, you will see some big name stars:

  • Jeff Goldblum – Jack
  • Ed Begley Jr. – Gil
  • Geena Davis – Odette
  • Joseph Bologna – Dr. Malavaqua
  • Carol Kane – Lupi
  • Michael Richards – Fejos

This movie is rated PG, safe for all kids, but older kids may enjoy the story more than younger ones. Have fun watching this one and enjoy some quality time with a 1980’s movie that is frighteningly funny.

Coming Soon!

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