Double Feature – Halloweentown

There is almost a cult-like following for this movie. It is almost as popular as other Halloween themed movies and in some places even more so.

The story follows the Piper siblings, and their grandmother, who is a good witch and resides in Halloweentown. Aggie, the grandmother, comes to visit but really wants to start training Marnie as a witch before she turns 13, or she risks losing her powers forever. But there is another reason for Aggie’s visit, there is a dark evil growing in Halloweentown and Aggie needs help to defeat it.

Halloweentown stars:

  • Debbie Reynolds – Aggie Cromwell
  • Kimberly J. Brown – Marnie Piper
  • Judith Hoag – Gwen Cromwell Piper
  • Joey Zimmerman – Dylan Piper
  • Emily Roeske – Sophie Piper

This is one that adults and kids will both like, and perhaps it may replace your favorite Halloween movie. Enjoy the show!

Coming Soon – To Be Announced

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