Double Feature – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I love Joss Whedon, and I especially love this movie. It isn’t the same as the series, and I highly recommend the movie if you are a vampire enthusiast, a Joss Whedon fan, or if you enjoy watching a girl be the hero.

This movie follows Buffy, who is a high school cheerleader, dating the captain of the basketball team, enjoys shopping, oh and she’s the chosen one to kill vampires. One day, after some locals have already started to disappear, a mysterious man arrives, and monitors Buffy until he’s sure she’s the one.

Merrick is there to train the Slayer, and Buffy is the Slayer. She doesn’t believe him. But when she is attacked in a cemetery by the recently deceased, she believes. Training daily with Merrick, going to school, cheering at the big game and planning the school dance can all upset her relationship with her boyfriend.

Finally Buffy accepts who she is, just in time for the vampires to converge on the senior dance. Now Buffy needs to face the head Vampire in a showdown of good and evil….one question remains….who will win?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer stars:

  • Kristy Swanson – Buffy
  • Donald Sutherland – Merrick
  • Rutger Hauer – Lothos
  • Paul Ruebens – Amilyn
  • Luke Perry – Pike

Enjoy the show!

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