LeBeau House

Louisiana has many properties with a long history to them. Many of them do have stories that will make you question the noises in the middle of the night. Let’s talk about the LeBeau House Plantation. The Plantation is located in Arabi, Louisiana, approximately 6 miles from New Orleans.

The History:

The property was purchased in 1851 by Francoise Barthelemy LeBeau and the house was constructed shortly thereafter. Completed in 1854, Mr. LeBeau died a few months later. The house remained in the family until it was purchased in 1905 and became a gambling hall named; Friscoville. It was not only a gambling den but also a hotel.

In 1928 the house again changed hands and was now an illegal casino and rebranded as the Cadone Hotel. It also served as a boarding house for the dealers in the casino. After the 1930’s the house was used little and it has fallen into disrepair and vandalism.

How is the house haunted?

There isn’t much proof as to the legends around the house but here is what has been reported:

When the house was owned and occupied by the LeBeau family, they had a history of mistreating their slaves. Sometimes the punishments ended in the death of the slave and the bodies were then buried in the adjoining fields. The souls of these slaves began to find their way into the home and haunted and tormented the LeBeau family.

Slowly the member of the LeBeau family went insane, and it’s reported that two of the family members hung themselves on the second floor. The last paranormal incident was reported as in the 1970’s. The home had been rented at that time, and a little girl was thrown from a window from the fourth floor. But she wasn’t thrown by human hands. As you can imagine, being thrown from the fourth floor, the little girl did not survive. Since this last incident, the house has not seen human occupation.

A man who lives about a half block away from the property, and whose grandmother was the caretaker there, stated that when they went to the property you could hear footsteps in the above floors, and nobody was there. They had also heard, moans, screams, bottles breaking.


Sadly, we are too late to go and see this fascinating property. In 2013, seven men ages 17 – 31 snuck onto the property and wanted to summon a ghost from the property. They had been drinking and smoking marijuana, and at one point during the night, the mansion went up in a blaze. The flames were so high and so hot that firefighters could only watch as the blaze ate up the historic mansion. They made a perimeter to prevent the blaze from spreading. But after the flames were gone, only 4 brick chimney’s remained standing. The individuals responsible have all plead guilty to either arson or criminal trespassing and have been sentenced to prison time, or other penalties.

Stay Curious my Friends!

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