Haunted Antarctica

Antarctica the last frontier that remains almost wholly untouched. And at certain times of the year tourists are allowed to visit, but their activities are usually limited to viewing wildlife, but not much outside of scientific research.


The world’s fifth largest continent is probably the most mysterious and the most protected. Why? Because we as humans screw things up. The ecosystem of Antarctica has been mostly untouched by humanity, and their system is the most fragile therefore the Antarctic Treaty System, regulates international relations with respect to Antarctica. 47 countries are currently part of the treaty. Primarily those individuals that are in Antarctica are there for scientific research. Approximate population is just over 1000 people.

Wordie House

As early as 1840, explorers headed to Antarctica. And people going to the frozen continent have continued since then. During WWII, bases were built at various points in Antarctica for a variety of purposes. After the war, the bases that had been built were repurposed for scientific activities. New bases were also being built, including one, Base F, that was built in January 1947 on Winter Island.

Vernadsky Research Base

Base F was primarily a meteorological research station. Those that resided there were to record weather conditions and improve weather forecasts. Eventually in May 1954, a more modern research complex was built on a neighboring island. This new location was named the Faraday Research Station. They were the ones that detected the hole in the ozone layer. Today it is known as the Vernadsky Research Base and remains operational today. It is also rather famous for tourists because they operate a bar and home-made vodka.

Southernmost Bar in the World

However, the historic Base F still survives and is now named Wordie House. This isn’t some stale museum exhibit, the supplies seen in the building are from the mid-1950’s when the building became abandoned. It is also considered to be haunted, and even hosted Destination Truth to experience the unknown.

Wordie House Main Room

How Wordie House haunted? Those who have made the journey to the house claim that it really is haunted. Objects within the house move on their own, shadow figures lurk and prowl. And a strong presence is felt in the darkness. Lights have been turned on in the house, which is impossible as there is no longer a power source in the house. It is unknown who these ghosts or spirits could be as the current house was built over the previous base that was washed away by a tsunami.

Wordie House Bunks

Access to Wordie House is via Vernadsky Research Base and is approximately a 30-minute hike. You cannot get there without an experienced guide as there could be dangerous cracks in the ice and it’s possible you can get lost.

If you ever get the opportunity to visit Antarctica, and if it’s an option, certainly check out Wordie House and see if you can feel the presence that others claim is there.

Stay Curious my Friends!

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