Chaonei Church

I never had a desire to go to China, until several years ago. My husband and I were going to take a trip to China a few years ago but due to scheduling it hasn’t yet happened. It’s still on the list and I can’t wait to see some great architecture, learn amazing history, meet some wonderful people, and taste some incredible food.

Chaonei Church

Now that I have learned about this very interesting, haunted location I hope one day that I may be able to see this as well. But since I am not fluent in any dialect of Chinese, and I wouldn’t even know how to navigate, it may be something that is even harder for me to visit, but I hope you may have more luck than I may.

In the Chaoyangmen neighborhood of Beijing, China, you will find a building known as Chaonei No. 81. It is now an abandoned building and is best known as “Beijing’s most celebrated haunted house.”

Originally the building was used as government offices for various agencies during the establishment of the People’s Republic of China. Today the building is owned by the Beijing’s Roman Catholic Archdiocese as they had plans to make it Vatican Embassy. There are three buildings on the property and Chanoei No. 81 is the main building.

Chaonei Church

There are numerous ghost stories about the property, it also has mysterious disappearances as well. One such story is about the wife or mistress of a government official. The official had left the house during the Communist war in 1949 leaving her behind. The woman hung herself and has since then haunted the house.

A second reputed ghost story is about a British priest who originally built the house to be used as a church. However, before construction was completed, he went missing.

The chalk sign near the entrance

The last well-known story is that during the Cultural Revolution in the late 1960’s, the house was briefly occupied by Red Guards, but they hastily departed from the property, and it is believed this was also evidence of the building being haunted.

These stories of hauntings are one of the reasons why the house can’t be sold. There is a notice written in chalk on the wall next to the entrance that reads that there are no ghosts in the house.

If you do have them time to visit the property, certainly get permission to be there and if you do feel something supernatural, please share with me!!

Stay Curious my Friends!

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