Bart and Krista

Welcome to Wisconsin, today the dairy state brings you a unique case that involves a son, his parents, decapitation, and curious investigators. This case is actually being appealed at this time, and if there are any updates later, I will try to keep you all updated as well. Let’s head to the capital and learn about Chandler, Bart, and Krista Halderson.

23-year-old Chandler Halderson lived with his parents, Bart a CPA and Krista in Windsor, WI, just north of Madison WI. In July 2021 his parent disappeared and wouldn’t be found for over a week. Here is the timeline from July 1 to September 1 of 2021.

July 1 – Chandler Halderson, told police and neighbors this was the last time he had seen his parents. He claimed they were going on an emergency trip to the family cabin in Langlade County to do repairs after a storm. Langlade County is roughly 3 hours away by car.

July 2 – Krista’s co-workers, told police that she was supposed to have been at work, but didn’t show up. This was not normal behavior for her, and the absence was not pre-arranged. This was the date that Chandler claimed unknown friends picked his parents up to go to the cabin.

July 3 – A woman witnessed a man who matched Chandler’s description in the area of DNR property near Sauk City, WI. She stated that the person was wearing a backpack and was walking away from the Wisconsin River.

July 5 – Chandler was at his girlfriend’s house and he had driven his parent’s car. While there he was given permission to use the pool and Chandler wasn’t seen for almost an hour and a half.

The Subaru was seen by a shed on the south end of the property, the hatchback was open, and Chandler was seen near the wood line. When he returned to the house, he was not wet, and the pool cover was still on the pool.

July 7 – Chandler reports his parents, Bart and Krista Halderson as missing. The police went out to the Windsor home and saw sections of the floor that appeared to be missing, along with a half-wall that was no longer there. Chandler claimed that his parents had left with unknown friends on July 2 to go to the cabin. He last heard from his mother on July 4 when she texted him. He claims that he thought they were missing since they had not yet returned, and all calls were going to voicemail.

July 8 – Today would be a big day, as several developments would change the course of the investigation.

  • First Chandler spoke to news outlets about his parents’ disappearance. His story was similar to what he had told police about the unknown friends.
  • Second, “mutilated and dismembered” human remains were found on the property of Chandler’s girlfriend in Cottage Grove.
  • Lastly, that evening after a police interview Chandler was taken into custody for providing false information on a missing persons case. They already considered the situation “suspicious”.

July 9 – Human remains were discovered at the Cottage Grove property, and they were “unidentifiable.”

July 10 – The witness from Sauk City on July 3, came forward and spoke with police.

July 11 – A search warrant was executed at Bart and Krista’s home in Windsor.

July 12 – The unidentified remains were now officially identified as Bart Halderson. His exact date of death was unknown and could have been anytime from July 1 and 8. Cause of death was listed as homicide including firearm injury.

Chandler was still only being held for false information, but later this evening that would change. Three new recommended charges were added: first-degree intentional homicide, hiding a corpse and mutilating a corpse.

July 14 – Police followed up on the tip from July 10 about the DNR property near Sauk City. Police then discovered more human remains. These were not immediately identified.

July 15 – Chandler was formally charged with the death of his father. He currently faces four charges: first-degree intentional homicide, hiding a corpse, mutilating a corpse, and providing false information on a missing person’s case.

As Krista was not yet found, they still were optimistic that she would be found alive and well.

July 22 – Nothing happened for the case for a week, and days after mentioning that they would be searching a landfill, another location became known. A pond behind the Halderson house. The pond was drained from 12 feet to 5 feet, police were working with a cadaver dog who made a hit.

July 27 – More human remains were found in connection with the case. This time they were found at the Halderson family property.

July 28 – Chandler appeared in court and waived his preliminary hearing and bound over for trial. He was still facing charges of first-degree intentional homicide, mutilating a corpse, hiding a corpse, and providing false information on missing persons.

The search at the Halderson home had turned up two significant pieces of evidence: Bart and Krista’s phones and ID’s. The phones were found in a shoe beneath a shelving unit in the garage wrapped in tin foil and paper towel.  

Phone records indicated that the text that Chandler said his mother sent to him on July 4 from Langlade County, pinged a tower in Dane County on the 500 block of Linde Street, which was the same tower that Chandler’s phone had utilized.

July 30 – The remains found on the DNR property near Sauk City were finally identified as belonging to Krista Halderson. Three additional charges were added to the charges against Chandler. First degree intentional homicide, mutilating a corpse and hiding a corpse. The same three that he was charged with for his father’s death.

September 1 – Chandler pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Why did Chandler Halderson murder his parents, mutilate their bodies, and then hide their remains?

Chandler Halderson

Chandler stated that he was a recent graduate of computer technology at the technical college, and he had worked as a lifeguard and teaching assistant. It’s also mentioned on his LinkedIn page that he is an Eagle Scout. However, it was revealed at his trial in January 2022 that prosecutors allege his mother discovered he didn’t really have a job and wasn’t really in school.

Did Chandler really kill his parents because they wanted him to go to school, get a job and start his life instead of living off of them?

Stay Weird Wisconsin

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